Use Spyware for Cell Phone Texting

Published: 20th October 2010
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Spyware For Cell Phone Texting

A friend, Samantha, just sent me a spyware for cell phone texting software. If you are looking for a program to see whats whats being sent back and forth on virtually ANY cell phone, check out this program.

We (as parents) should all be using Spyware for cell phone texting.

Now really Samantha was using this program to monitor her son. She woke up one night and found him gone in the missle of the night. She heard him come back in early the next morning, but did not confront him. Instead, she used spyware for cell phone texting to monitor his cell phone text messages.

Brilliant! So instead of trying to catch him in the act, she intercepted every text message and phone call coming in and going out of his phone. She found out when he was sneaking out again and thats where the best part of this story come in!

She let him sneak out and drive to a party. When he got there, she was standing in the street waiting for him! HAHA. I have searched online and have not found anythinng as cool as this. This software is excellent for monitoring another persons (like your kids or spouse) cell phone if you suspect more is going on than you know about.

Now I would never suggest you try this on a cell phone that you do not own or have the rights to. I am sure that would be illegal and completely wrong. But, if you feel like you need to monitor your child or spouses cell phone usage more closely, this software does all the work for you and they will not even know you have it installed.

This is the only spyware for cell phone texting software i have found that actually works. You can check it out at Spyware for cell phone texting.. Again, use it on your kids, spouse, employees, etc... But do not use this software on cell phones in which you are not responsible for!

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